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E.L Discipline Books

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The Seduction of Discipline

-Book 1 in: The Seduction of Discipline Series-

An informative and in depth look into the enigmatic and often misunderstood world of BDSM.

Author E. L Discipline breaks apart all misconceptions about the lifestyle, depicting the reality against the popularized fantasies, which society garners for the people that engage in this full time.

As a male Dominant in the BDSM world, E.L Discipline shares his experiences, and has also created special fictional characters in ‘The Seduction of Discipline Series’ that categorizes the illustrious and highly spiritual connections within the community of BDSM.

When it comes to the comprehension of choosing between this lifestyle, or just looking to learn the dynamics of this interchanging world, The Seduction of Discipline gives you the best eye opening funnel of information on BDSM today.

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The Importance of Discipline

The Importance of Discipline, is a spiritual and mental guide that will help you to understand what it truly means to elevate and empower yourself. You will learn firsthand from a master, that has perfected the art of transforming your emotions, and tapping into the redefined meaning of Discipline.


True knowledge is more than just what you obtain within a classroom, it is the substance of what you put into the learning process that brings genuine empowerment to your mind and spirit.


In this book the reality of what is not often confronted, is brought to light.  Broken down into categories that are dissected and evaluated in a way that combines thoughts, with the actions we inadvertently perform on a daily basis.


Knowledge, compared with understanding and discipline, is the key to gaining success. And with this guide of valuable information, you will comprehend the highest level of elevation that you can use in your everyday life and career.

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Discipline's World
-Book 2 in: The Seduction of Discipline Series-

-Once you enter Discipline’s world, there’s no turning back –

Leave all your inhibitions at the door. Forget everything you thought you knew. There is nothing that can prepare you for the experience you are about to receive. Once you belong to Discipline, you will always be his. Your life changes from the moment he walks into it. Everything else becomes irrelevant.

In Discipline’s world, you will witness firsthand the journey and sizzling erotic energies that one unique woman will encounter, as she is dominated and educated step by step, on the genuine form of BDSM, and the reality of true submission by the master himself. Raw, uncut, and complete Dominance of the mind, body, and soul.

Experience what it means to truly be a part of Discipline’s world.

(Exclusive hot photos available in the Hardcover edition only.)

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The Immortality of Discipline 
-Book 3 in: The Seduction of Discipline Series-

-Do you want mediocrity, or do you want immortality? - In darkness life can be reborn. A violent and tragic encounter with a woman who is a creature unlike any of this world, changes the path of Discipline forever. She took everything that mattered from him, creating a fury born of hate, and a lust for revenge. Making him into the most powerful vampire the world has ever known.


Discipline’s insatiable hunger causes him to rise to unspeakable heights. Now known as one of the most wealthiest club owners in New York City, his playground is boundless. Taking beautiful victims to satisfy his rage, and incomparable craving for blood. Until he meets Cleopatra. A sensual and unusual woman that tantalizes his senses and goes far beyond the simple lust for the kill.


Discipline will stop at nothing to make her completely his. To forge a bond unlike anything else and rule a darkness together with power and control. Because if Cleopatra is what Discipline desires, she already belongs to him……

Stuck Between Two Different Worlds
-Book 1 in: The Stuck Between Two Different Worlds Series-

We have all come from a woman. We have all been nourished, carried and molded from/by a woman, and because of a woman. However, a male's seed is the jump start to the circle of life. Strong men simply need women. A strong man needs a woman or women, who is or whom are truly his. At his feet. Being his backbone. Anything less is not a fulfillment to him. Weak men will never understand this. Weak women will never be able to grasp this concept. Monogamous... were we really created to be monogamous? Most men are afraid to even ask their lady for a threesome, knowing damn well, they would love to experience one. How do you know she doesn't want to experience the same? What keeps you from articulating this to your significant other? It is because of judgment, resentment, perhaps both? 


- In this first book to the explosive new series by E.L Discipline, he introduces characters that will define the emotional tangles and complications that are derived from being: Stuck Between Two Different Worlds. 

Strong Bonds Never Break
-Book 2 in: The Stuck Between Two Different Worlds Series-

Now with the ground shaking sequel to the book ‘Stuck Between Two Different Worlds,’ E. L Discipline presents, this captivating thriller, ‘Strong Bonds Never Break.’ Sometimes the past has a way of resurfacing, reminding us that there are consequences to all of our actions and this is no different. At times, having a hot head of a wife can be a disaster or a benefit. Disaster if she’s fighting against you, but a benefit if she’s fighting along side you. A decision that was made long ago, now places Dominick and Sofia in a predicament they cannot control. A ‘Bonnie and Clyde’ relationship they once shared, and thought to have left in their past.


Now, that lifestyle which they left long ago, has caught up with them, as they begin to find themselves dealing with someone they’ve never encountered before. New alliances are created and old alliances crumble. When the pressure is on, how much heat can a person take? We’ll find out if, ‘STRONG BONDS NEVER BREAK!’

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There's Still Unfinished Business
-Book 3 in: The Stuck Between Two Different Worlds Series-

I am back with another thriller, THERE'S STILL UNFINISHED BUSINESS. The trilogy in the "Stuck Between Two Different Worlds" book series. This is an intense, mysterious, suspenseful, Jaw-dropping, page turner of a masterpiece. However, before diving into this book, you must be aware of some things. First, you can't play with the devil and expect things to never get hot! If you sell your soul, the devil will always come back to collect. Second, the game is rigged, but you can't lose if you don't play. When you're in a 'lose-lose' situation, the wrong move will have you paying the price. The right move doesn't always mean...the right decision.


When principles are involved, the consequences now come with massive interest. These repercussions will leave you with Unfinished Business. And lastly, there's a new game, but the rules haven't changed. When the tables turn, sometimes you must play the only chips you have. Cash those chips in at the right time, but the wrong place, it may no longer be Business. Things become all the way... personal!

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